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“Textscout has witnessed an uninterrupted growth in visits for all posts they perfect.”
Nikita Knish | Co-Founder, Hacken
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Easy production
Get long-form SEO-Ready texts' that rank #1 on Google
Use AI-generated content to easily promote your pages whenever you want!
Start selling products and services faster by taking advantage of automatic text generation. Automated, up-to-date inventories with no manual work for you. Turn your content into an investment by forecasting seo-based revenue and ensuring success with targeted keyword sets.
Utilizing AI for all of your written content requirements
Put an end to writer's block with Artificial Intelligence! Just register on the platform, order high-quality articles, and track them in the search engine. Don't get hung up on 10 pages of SERPs! You will be amazed and motivated by what TextScout can create.
AI writer powered by next generation NLP and SEO technologies
We make sure your content is SEO optimized, so you can focus on your business. We provide real-time feedback and a consistent level of quality.
Monitor the position of your posts after they are published!
We track your content rankings, identify underperforming pages, provide automated keyword reports, track keyword rankings, and automate page imports.
Fill in any gaps in your SEO plan
Different points of view reveal quick fixes, topics that haven’t been covered, and web pages that may be at risk due to influence or competition.
One Site to Rule Them All
The methodology was created with the help of seo analysts with 15 years of experience and the use of neural network technologies based on google algorithms.
Blog Content
SMM Texts
Product description
Youtube speech ideas
eCommerce Copy
Texts for LP's
LinkedIn Articles
Long-Form AI Content
Website main text
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Scale your content strategy with TextScout
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Topics/Blog Ideas
Start your' SEO project with the most promising and relevant topic ideas
Articles and SEO texts
AI-based creation of SEO-optimized texts for your blog and website
Many posts for SMM
Get creative texts for your social networks
Product description
Mass generation of a unique product description for affiliate sites and e-commerce
Description of product categories
Unique description for the top-level product category
Newsletter text
Create newsletters and cold emails for clients
Texts for website and landing pages
Fill the site with compelling and creative texts about your business
Product review
Get a unique product review on the site
Why choose TextScout?
"All Inclusive"
We will perform one-time text work for which you pay SEO companies regularly. Up to 60% reduction in customer acquisition cost.
No matter who writes, you pay the same price for content. This will help you scale your content reliably.
Search intent
queries in texts'
We use TextScout GT-Z (ML & NER) algoritm to select content that is relevant to each individual topic, taking into account search queries.
High-quality IQ
We check our authors and editors. It is important to us that the text you receive is accessible and reliable.
SERP Rank Control
Use free position tracking to control your keywords, search landing pages and domains to beat your online competitors.
Technical Audit Reporter
Free SEO audit tools that generate reports for you and help you optimize websites for higher rankings.
What will you get?
Textscout is first and foremost an effective tool that will allow you to save not only the company's money, but also time. The time of your employees and your own time, which is irrationally spent on things that we have long automated in the functionality of the service.
Your business benefits
Time savings per year
Time to find and train a copywriter 340 hours
To generate content, the company doesn’t need to look for copywriters or a team of specialists. Using TextScout, you can save about 340 hours by eliminating the lengthy hiring process and familiarizing copywriters with company methods.
Technical barriers to optimization 100 hours
Earlier, you learned that the page was blocked in the search after the position in traffic fell. We send notifications if critical errors in the technical part are found on the pages of your site. With our system, you will be alerted before it's too late.
Time to study trends 200 hours
Even a top-level copywriter has to be knowledgeable about the industry your business is in. Creating content for a website requires more than just creativity and imagination. It is a combination of thoughtful analytical work and writing. You need to analyze a lot of data - news, competitor publications, latest trends, and regulations. Once all the data is collected, you should cut unnecessary information, and only then move on to writing up the material. Even if it’s only 10-15 minutes a day, it adds you up to 200 hours a year. Luckily, TextScout can help you save that time.
Predict revenue and ROI 80 hours
Don’t spend extra time on BI tools and data extraction. Our system will help calculate the expected and current income from each page of the site. You can understand which pages will potentially generate more sales and focus on improving them.
Time of writing texts 1800 hours
Content creation takes a significant amount of time. For example, writing a 10,000 to 15,000 character article typically takes six to seven hours. Similarly, preparing press releases and product cards can take a whole day. In total, it is about 1800 hours per year. With TextScout you can save over 200 business days.
Time for editing and proofreading 300 hours
An article written by a copywriter is not yet ready and needs to be carefully checked for spelling, grammatical, and other errors by the author himself or his editor. This process takes some time, averaging 300 working hours per year. Typically, the fewer years the copywriter has been working in the company's team, the more time he may need to finalize the document. Only after all corrections have been made, it can be said that the text is prepared for publication.
Time of approvals 80 hours
Texts do not always immediately get to the site after the necessary improvements. More often, they need to be reviewed by marketers or business owners before being published. This process usually takes some time. Often the decision maker who controls the texts is too limited in time to read the entire article and this can result in waiting around 80 hours each year. Using TextScout, 10 working days a year will be very helpful in this endeavor.
Accommodation time 40 hours
Using TextScout can significantly speed up and simplify the article publishing process. You can insert text into the site's admin panel, format text (such as inserting headings, subheadings, and lists as needed), and include other content such as photos, videos, infographics, and tables. It can even save you the hassle of manual layout.
Time needed to check the SERP ranking 230 hours
Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, you get recommendations on the rise or fall of the performance of individual pages in search. You'll see SERP positions and weighted information to help you decide on content for your site.
Search time for topics, correct titles and meta descriptions 420 hours
Once you've been steadily working on creating content for your site for several quarters (or even years), relying on your competitors' ideas and themes isn't enough. Coming up with new topics and ways to present them is becoming increasingly difficult, and developing a content plan for a month takes a whole day, which is about 230-240 hours a year. Are you sure this is something you are willing to take on?

To generate more interest in your article, you should consider changing the title to make it more attractive. It doesn't require writing new material, but it can take a surprisingly long time. When using TextScout, this process will not take much time, saving you up to 180 hours of work per year.
Total win/per year for one person 3 590 hours
Total efficiency/ per year 180%
We work 3 times faster than a content agency!
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Top positions on Google
Have control over the subject and gain credibility. Refrain from making biased decisions based on random keyword information. Content clusters help you tell the whole story and rank high on Google.
More leads
Drive transformation and engagement. Explore different tactics to reach your audience without wasting valuable time.
Enlarge information on website
Create a cohesive identity. Utilize relevant visuals to increase customer confidence in your business.
Increase the number of visitors
The tool we created can save you time and money. Don't waste precious time and resources manually creating content or you'll end up paying the price.
Average time on page
We include user objectives in your content recommendations to drive sales and increase your marketing return on investment. We are a complete source of content that has a great chance of success.
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No matter who writes, you pay the same price for content. People tell us that this helps them scale their content reliably.
50 000$ or more
No matter who writes, you pay the same price for content. People tell us that this helps them scale their content reliably.
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TextScout is your solution for getting the most out of domain-level SEO with our AI-powered growth management platform. Google algorithms take into account many ranking factors, and content is just one of them. While TextScout doesn’t guarantee that you will rank #1 in the rankings, it does ensure that the quality of your pages is at the highest level, which significantly improves your chances of ranking higher. Look to TextScout as an SEO consultant for content marketing and on-page SEO. Our tools will help you quickly create and rank your pages. Whether it's creating something new or optimizing existing content, let TextScout inform your process! Using TextScout will save you time you would otherwise spend on research and increase the accuracy of your efforts by providing you with relevant data.

Absolutely! AI can generate all sorts of articles for you, from news and blog posts to how-tos and lists. AI can save you a huge amount of time - if you have a large amount of material to write, using an AI-powered content generator is the perfect solution. In addition, it will help ensure that your articles are as accurate and quality as possible. If you are in need of some writing, why not give TextScout a go? This is the best AI writer and you will be pleasantly surprised by its results.

Yes! All content created by TextScout is completely original and doesn’t contain any plagiarism. You no longer need to worry about the uniqueness of the generated text and can rely on TextScout! The platform is designed to understand a range of criteria such as grammar, style, and tone of voice so you can get first-class, one-of-a-kind material.

You can terminate your subscription with one click on the toolbar. Your services will continue to be provided until the end of the current billing cycle.

With TextScout, you can boost your team's efficiency with a single resource so they can quickly complete multiple tasks. You can conduct unbiased SEO research, empower content creation with AI-based text composition, and provide your customers with outstanding and powerful SEO and content materials. TextScout also allows you to achieve great success with your existing SEO team.

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