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Are you searching for a way to produce SEO-friendly material in great volumes? Our AI takes the current rankings of your target keywords and then formulates completely new content based on it. You don’t have to be concerned about a writer’s industry expertise, having to pass along knowledge about your existing articles, or trying out ai tools that don’t provide good results, take ages, and can be easily identified as automated content. Take our AI’s draft, edit it however you want to, and post it! Have a look at these samples — here, here, and here.

Creating lots of outstanding material in an efficient and affordable way, while still upholding the highest distinctions of quality, is the goal of producing content on a large scale. Developing, refining, giving out and exchanging content that fits company objectives and expectations is essential for a successful content-at-scale strategy.

I am absolutely certain that scalability is the most significant obstacle that businesses encounter while attempting to triumph with content marketing. Our content marketing studies demonstrate that the aptitude to «generate enough content» is repeatedly cited as one of the most critical struggles. In spite of this, bringing in more authors, graphic designers, podcasters, and other talented personnel never appears to address that difficulty.


Challenge 1: Hiring Writers

Recruiting authors can be a real hassle. It may require you to kiss several frogs before you find the right one. They will need to spend time getting accustomed to your business and sector, but many won’t take the effort to understand all of your pre-existing content so that they can link it appropriately. Suppose you find a full-time person who can generate around 12 posts every month. Eventually, they could tire out and you'd have to begin anew. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that they will carry all of the necessary abilities for SEO plus strong writing skills at once. Additionally, there must be somebody and a system for management.


Challenge 2: Using a Content Service or Marketplace

Finding a content service or marketplace that can provide good quality and quantity is difficult. Most often, these services make grand claims but fail to deliver. Additionally, you have to take responsibility for the direction of the content. Many writers utilize ai tools when creating articles, which are easily recognizable by google algorithms. Content at scale is the only solution that can give you human-level results while allowing you to be more efficient and cost-effective. It won’t match top copywriters, yet it will get 90% of the way there.

Although many writers may use ai-writing software, it is more likely for Google to detect these as ai-written material. If no ai tool is used then it can cost up to $300 per article for quality content. Content at scale provides the perfect solution here by allowing you to reach 90% of the same level as professional copywriters while running a much more efficient and profitable business with only human-level content available on the planet.


Challenge 3: Using AI Writing Tools

Ai writing tools have certainly assisted with accelerating content production. Yet, it is a very time-consuming process. You must take it one sentence at a time or else it might drift away from the intended topic. Moreover, ai content recognition is an issue; eventually. Google will figure out when the material has been created using ai technology. Our specific solution creates content that appears so genuine that it passes ai detection checks.


Challenge 4: Content marketing costs would be too high until recently.

Traditionally, content marketing at this scale would have been pretty expensive. What you’re looking for is a writer, a designer, and an SEO specialist to help with keyword research and optimization. You might need tools like Ahrefs or an ai writing tool subscription to speed up the process. Going through an agency would cost you between $0.08 and $0.20 per word or even more, but it’s not always a done deal — you’d probably still have to give content briefs and provide feedback, as well as spend time interlinking content yourself. In short: not only will it cost more money, but the results won’t be as good and you’ll have to do more work yourself.


The solution you’ve been needing…

The answer you’ve been looking for is here — content at scale. This platform is the first of its kind, allowing you to publish large amounts of high-quality content without any human help. We have developed a unique mix of 3 ai engines and 2 natural language processing algorithms that can generate an entire SEO-optimized draft without any manual input or ai detection.

This next-gen technology makes it simple to scale your blog production and traffic quickly. Our writers are able to edit 20–30 posts daily instead of just 10–15 per month, giving agencies and small businesses alike the ability to maximize their content output without any extra effort.

Experience the revolutionary technology of content at scale and scale your content marketing with no human intervention! With our ai-powered platform, you can upload a list of keywords and receive 2,600+ word blog posts that surpass ai content detection. Get ready to save on costs, time, and operational inefficiencies of outsourcing content creation.

Why did the AI writing tool take so long to write a blog post? Because it had to write, rewrite and rewrite again to make it sound human! But with our solution, it'll write content that even Google won't be able to detect as AI-generated!


As one satisfied customer put it, «the output from the ai has beaten 36 out of 40 writers I’ve hired!» content at scale is the only solution on the market that harnesses sophisticated AI to generate powerful results. Unlock your potential with this game-changing technology today — fill out our form below to get started!


How did people scale their content?

To scale your content strategy, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify your goals: The first step in scaling your content strategy is to identify your goals. This will help you determine what success looks like and will guide the rest of your efforts.

  2. Create a content calendar: Once you have identified your goals, the next step is to create a content calendar that outlines the topics and types of content that you will be creating. This will help you plan and organize your content production efforts and ensure that you are consistently publishing high-quality content that is aligned with your goals.

  3. Invest in content creation tools: To help you scale your content production efforts, it may be helpful to invest in content creation tools such as automation software, project management tools, and content management systems. Using these tools, you can improve your content creation process and manage and publish large amounts of content.

  4. Hire additional content creators: As you scale your content strategy, you may need to hire additional content creators to help you produce the volume of content that you need. This can include hiring freelance writers, editors, and other professionals who can help you create high-quality content that is aligned with your goals.

  5. Promote your content: In addition to creating and publishing high-quality content, it is important to promote your content to help it reach a wider audience. This can include sharing your content on social media, guest posting on other websites, and promoting your content through email marketing and other channels.

By following these steps and investing in the right tools and resources, you can effectively scale your content strategy and reach a wider audience with your content.



How does this differ from AI writing tools?

An individual makes this content automation solution with 15 years of knowledge in content marketing. Unlike most ai writing tools, this software does not require any kind of manual effort, such as providing a brief or outline, researching the information, structuring it sentence by sentence, and sourcing/designing images. Furthermore, it produces content that is so natural it can’t be identified as AI-generated. There is no other product on the market which offers such advanced features — making this a truly unique solution.


Why do I need so much content?

It’s quite clear: having more content will help you rank for more keywords, and that’s essential to increasing website traffic. Creating content at a high rate is the key to getting the results you want.


Will Google know if it’s AI content?

Be assured that the content created by our ai is safe from detection by google. We make sure that our solution produces output indistinguishable from human-written content, so you never have to worry about your site or your clients' sites being penalized by Google updates. Additionally, we build context for the content based on data and information ranking for a keyword, so you know it will be something Google approves of.


How do you know what to write if you don’t know my industry?

No matter what industry you are in, our ai can create the perfect content for you. It uses targeted keywords and pages to determine what’s ranking and then uses machine learning to model the content accordingly. With its ability to quickly ramp up your content across any niche, our ai is guaranteed to provide you with the best results!


Is the content unique?

Definitely! We are sure that our content creation tool will initially try to repair it automatically. However, as part of your redaction you might want to go through it once more with our incorporated Copyscape integration. It is very rare for the outcome to be higher than 1 or 2% and usually, the result is 0%!

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A comment:  Why did the AI writing tool need a human touch? Because it was too robotic! But with our solution, it'll write content that's natural, relatable and human-like.

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