TextScout stands with Ukraine

Our platform has a strong bond with Ukraine. TextScout was born there, and its codirectors are Ukrainian natives. Additionally, many of our employees come from Ukraine. The Russian invasions have been horrendous and have resulted in tremendous pain, dread, and grief.

We herewith extend our support and solidarity to our Ukrainian valued colleagues, family, and friends. Furthermore, we give our wholehearted backing to all of Ukraine and are providing assistance at this momentous time. We implore all other external parties to vociferously back the heroic people of Ukraine in their most recent struggle against Russian aggression.



Ukrainians are hugely appreciative of the unprecedented level of assistance from all over the globe for our nation.

The entire global community is showing its support for Ukraine by supplying military aid, assistance for those in need, and economic restrictions, in the hopes of limiting Russia's capacity to continue the fight against Ukraine.

The entire world has made it clear that nothing of the sort as Russia's present outrageous aggression will be tolerated. Representing governments, prominent figures, companies, and citizens from multiple countries, we unitedly stand with Ukraine in our mission to establish peace and independence in Europe.

141 nations demonstrated their support of Ukraine on 2 March, when the UN General Assembly passed a resolution ordering Russia to end its military action in the country.


What actions can you take?

We ask for any type of assistance that you are able to provide, whether it be through peaceful demonstrations, talking to your representatives, or offering a monetary donation. Here are some dependable organizations that need monetary support to maintain helping and looking out for the citizens of Ukraine. You, as an individual, should speak to your representatives and ask them to back Ukraine in these important areas.

TextScout and the UNITED24 fundraising platform are jointly appealing to people globally to contribute to the cause of securing ambulances for Ukraine. Please join us by making a donation at:

United24 → The Come Back Alive Fund → Nova Ukraine → Razom → The $1K Project for Ukraine* →


Ukrainians are profoundly grateful for your unwavering solidarity and aid in our time of hardship! We can triumph over hostility and force if we stand alongside each other!

Numerous international agencies, NGOs, charities, and businesses, as well as individuals in countries around the globe, from the U.S. to Lithuania have provided humanitarian and financial aid. There has been an immense flood of assistance consisting of gifts, aid supplies, and social media attention from our allies overseas that has enabled the people of Ukraine to keep going in these trying times.

Medical and military personnel contributed their highly valuable knowledge to provide relief to the injured and ill and also to impede the aggressors, halting additional casualties. In total, foreign healthcare workers submitted thousands of applications to volunteer, and over 20,000 foreign combatants signed up.

IT professionals, interpreters, creators, and other experts also came together to battle Russian false information and to encourage Ukraine.

Ukraine's refugees, composed of women, kids, and elderly citizens, have been warmly welcomed into European nations, fleeing the inhumane bombardment of Russian artillery. Our European friends have shown tremendous backing in the form of paperwork simplification, humanitarian aid, NGO and volunteer assistance, and a lot more. For this, Ukrainians will always be thankful.


What TextScout is doing

To provide aid to those impacted by the war in Ukraine, we have inserted a message into our product to direct people discussing the conflict to available resources. We have also prohibited people in Russia and Belarus from accessing TextScout goods and services.


Information you can trust

There is a great deal of untruthful information circulating regarding the situation in Ukraine. Imagery, videos, and reports that are not accurate have appeared on the Internet. It is recommended that the public get their information from trustworthy, investigated resources. To be certain of the accuracy of the source, check with an esteemed journalism outlet like Nieman Lab.

In the online and digital realms, a tremendous number of volunteers from the field of IT answered the call to combat Russian misinformation. The hacker group Anonymous launched its own operations, taking offline Russian propagandist outlets and websites sponsored by the government involved in the war. Corporations such as Amazon and Google provided Ukraine with further defense against DDoS and other offensive cyber actions.

We wish for the war to finish as soon as possible with Ukraine being acknowledged as a self-governing and independent nation.


All Ukrainians are immensely thankful for the solidarity and backing they have received during this difficult time! We will only be able to achieve victory in the face of injustice and oppression if we remain united!


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