Do you need writers for your company blog(s)?

One of the advantages of blogging for businesses is creating more leads, which often equates to increased sales. Both content marketing and inbound marketing, which aim to attract potential customers to a website, use blogging as a key component. By optimizing blog posts for search engines, businesses can increase their visibility and bring more traffic.

A blog writer is a content professional who posts regularly to build audience engagement through expertise, insight, and opinion.

If you don’t have the time to spend a few hours each day crafting posts for your blog, hiring an expert may be the right choice. Outsourcing blog writing can provide you with high-caliber content regularly. Hiring a freelance writer or content creation agency is effortless and cost-effective in the long run.


Why hire online writers?

Business owners often question if it’ s beneficial to recruit content authors for their blogs.

In reality, having a successful blog necessitates both quality content and regular posts. An independent blog writer can assist with this. The exact quantity of recommended articles each month is open to discussion, but the majority of marketing professionals agree that you should endeavor to post 16 or more times each month. That may not seem like much, but remember that they ought to be posts of high caliber which enlighten and captivate your audience.

Hiring freelance online authors or content creation businesses is a clever move. By recruiting outside professionals to write your blog posts, you only have to remunerate them per post, meaning it’ is a great financial asset for your organization since you don’t need to hire steady or full-time scribes.

When you employ a blog writer or a group of writers, you can start posting high-quality content often; although the effects won’t be instantaneous, it is an admirable long-haul investment into inbound marketing.


What is the price for employing a blog writer?

The cost of hiring a blog writer may be affected by numerous elements, such as their capabilities and experience, the area they are based in, and current market trends. Gain knowledge of the expense of employing a blog writer.


Is it worth it to hire freelance writers for my blog?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, then it may be the appropriate moment to engage the services of a ghostwriter or knowledgeable contributor for your blog.

  • Are you having difficulty managing to create fresh, quality blog content regularly?
  • Are you running out of interesting ideas for your blog posts?
  • Does the prospect of writing new posts fill you with dread?
  • Does your audience not seem to be drawn in by what you’re writing?
  • Has your blog didn't be noticed by Search Engines?


Even if you’re content with blogging yourself, it’ is possible that devoting time to writing posts might not be worth it when there are other, more important aspects of your business that need attention. 


What are the most important things for hiring a writer to write a blog?

When hiring a writer to write a blog, some of the most important things to consider include:

  1. Writing skills and style: Make sure the writer has a strong command of language and can communicate effectively and clearly.

  2. Experience and expertise: Look for a writer who has experience writing in your industry or niche and can provide valuable insights and knowledge.

  3. SEO skills: A good writer should have a basic understanding of SEO and know how to optimize blog posts for search engines.

  4. Creativity: Writing a blog post that is interesting, engaging and unique is important to attract and retain readers.

  5. Responsiveness and communication: It is important to work with a writer who is responsive, reliable and easy to communicate with.

  6. Flexibility and adaptability: Make sure the writer is comfortable working with different styles and formats, and is open to feedback and revisions.

  7. Time management: It is important to work with a writer who can meet deadlines and deliver content on time.

"Why did the copywriter love his job? Because he got to play with words all day! And with the power to create persuasive and compelling content, he was sure to help businesses stand out from the competition."


How can you hire a person to write a blog for you?

There are several ways you can hire someone to write a blog for you. One option is to post a job listing on a freelance job board or platform, such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr.

Another option is to reach out to writers directly and ask if they would be interested in writing a blog post for you. You can find writers by searching online, looking for writers who specialize in the topic you need, or asking for recommendations from colleagues or friends. Once you have identified some potential writers, you can contact them and discuss your project in more detail, including the topic, length, and style of the blog post, as well as your budget and any other requirements.

To make sure you find the ideal author for your blog, you should think about what exactly you need for it. Draw up a list of potential writers or companies, scrutinize their reputation and internet presence. Request samples of their writing, and determine their level of expertise. Additionally, it is essential to make certain that the writer’ s writing form is in line with your requirements and it is suggested to talk with them in order to get a better sense of them.

Regardless of which method you choose, it's important to clearly communicate your expectations and to provide any relevant background information or research materials to the writer. You should also establish deadlines for the project and agree on a payment arrangement in advance. Working with a clear plan and good communication will help guarantee that you get the blog post you need in a timely and professional manner.


Here are 9 places to hire bloggers:

  1. Textscout - a fully managed content writing service that provides research, writing, editing, formatting, and optimization of blog posts written by experts.
  2. Upwork - the largest freelance marketplace in the world, where you post a job with your requirements, and writers apply with a proposal.
  3. Verblio - a content writing service where you can ask for drafts from writers and select the ones you'd like to use.
  4. ProBlogger - a job board where you can post ads and receive applications from blog writers.
  5. Contently - a content management and creative solution that primarily serves enterprises and may not be suitable for a few regular blog posts.
  6. Skyword - is a content marketing company that provides a full suite of content services, including blog writing, research, planning, and strategy.
  7. Brafton - a content marketing agency that provides fully managed blog writing services including keyword research, SEO optimization, editing, and proofreading.
  8. LinkedIn - a job board where you can find experienced blog writers seeking full-time employment or contract work.
  9. BloggingPro - a job board specifically for blog writers, where you can post ads and receive applications from writers


You can source writers on Upwork by following these steps: 

  1. Write a project description. Think about what you want and how you want it done. Use the template below as a guide.
  2. Post it on Upwork. Once you’ve written a project description, post it to Upwork. Simply follow the prompts to help you input the information you collected to scope out your project. Shortlist and interview writers. 
  3. Create a shortlist of the professionals you want to interview. For example, if you want to write a blog post about your company's culture, make sure you interview a Culture Analyst. You will also need a writer for the blog post.


Is it possible for blog writers to help improve my position on the Google search engine?

People who write about SEO know that different types of content have different purposes. It can be, for example, a blog, a web page, or an article.

happy seo blogerSearch engine optimization requires using search terms that people are searching for to locate content. Nowadays, SEO blog posts and SEO articles can be quite comparable, though many people consider blog posts as short personal opinions and articles as long researched works with a few sources. Seo copywriting is linked to marketing materials such as sales pages and involves writing with the intention of transforming web traffic into sales and leads.

Do you require an exceptional, thoroughly investigated, superior quality, and search engine optimization-friendly content creation facility to enhance your website’s position on google?

Hire a!

We provide experienced, professional writers for all your social media, website, and business needs. Our team of dedicated writers can create content that engages readers, increases SEO rankings, and drives conversions. Our services include blog posts, web copywriting, press releases, white papers, case studies, and more. Contact us today to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the contrast between a blog entry and a written piece?

The distinction between blog posts and articles is becoming increasingly blurry. Blogs used to be brief works of writing, typically based on the writer's own interpretation

What types of journalism are the most frequent?

The field of journalism offers a variety of article forms. Newspapers and online sources alike distribute feature pieces that concentrate on a single person, entity, product, or service. Instructional articles which demonstrate how to complete an assignment are also routinely consumed. Lists are particularly popular among those who access the internet for news. In recent times, research-driven articles have become the norm. Moreover, many readers favor long posts and opinionated writings.

What should be the optimal length for a blog post to rank well for SEO? Should it be around 2000 words?

The content length isn't what is essential to search engines; rather, they put more weight on the relevance of the content. In the blogosphere, however, posts now tend to be longer than before--they used to be under 750 words, but they now tend to be over 1200. In-depth guides and resources may go even beyond that and reach up to 3000 words in length.

What is the suitable style for penning an article?

The content length isn't what is essential to search engines; rather, they put more weight on the relevance of the content. In the blogosphere, however, posts now tend to be longer than before--they used to be under 750 words, but they now tend to be over 1200. In-depth guides and resources may go even beyond that and reach up to 3000 words in length.

What is the suitable style for penning an article?

Editors usually give you instructions on how they would like the article to be formatted. Nevertheless, it is possible to make your content even more attention-grabbing by incorporating a captivating headline and introduction, concluding well. Split up the main body with smaller paragraphs, consisting of a single essential point each. Use subheadings that attract more readers. Furthermore, hyperlinks to credible external resources are recommended for online articles. By following these standards, you should be able to make your pieces more appealing to most editors.

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